Coconut and banana pudding – dairy-free 

To be honest when I read the recipe and it said you can make great pudding using millet, I was sceptical…. untill I tried it!  It is soooo tasty 👌🏻🙂  Just cook the millet, blend it with bananas and voile!  Ingredients: 2/3 cup of millet  400 ml coconut milk 2 bananas vanilla bean 2 tbspCzytaj dalej „Coconut and banana pudding – dairy-free „

Stuffed peppers with one secret ingredient

Really easy and quick recipe. Perfect for dinner with friends as you can feed 6 people with this dish. 😉 So get ready and prepare: 3 big red peppers 3 tablespoon olive oil 3/4 cup millet 1 leek 1/2 cup coconut milk 1/2 cup canned tomatoes 150g tofu 1 teaspoon chilli paste 1 big cloveCzytaj dalej „Stuffed peppers with one secret ingredient”

Cold, running nose or sinus infection? Try horseradish!

My latest discovery may sound a little unbeliavable but It is 100% true. It is simple and really cheap. To get rid of a cold, running nose or sinus infection you just need one think – fresh horseradish.  The instructions are simple – take a big horseradish root, peel it and grate it.  Well ForCzytaj dalej „Cold, running nose or sinus infection? Try horseradish!”