Coconut and banana pudding – dairy-free 

To be honest when I read the recipe and it said you can make great pudding using millet, I was sceptical…. untill I tried it!  It is soooo tasty 👌🏻🙂  Just cook the millet, blend it with bananas and voile!  Ingredients: 2/3 cup of millet  400 ml coconut milk 2 bananas vanilla bean 2 tbspCzytaj dalej „Coconut and banana pudding – dairy-free „

Banana flour? Try this at home – I mean kitchen ;)

I bought the banana flour in Ubud, Bali. I am not very confident when cooking with gluten free flours but I read that banana flour is very similar to white flour.  So Here they are – my first totally gluten free crepes!  Check the recipe below.  The recipe 1 cup of banana flour  1 eggCzytaj dalej „Banana flour? Try this at home – I mean kitchen ;)”