Orange pie – super healthy and anti-cancer?!

It is not an ordinary, simple pie. It is super healthy and suppose to help preventing or fighting cancer.  In this recipe you use whole oranges with peel which gives bitter taste to the pie. But we use the peel for a reason – the flavonoids in orange peel have the potential to inhibit theCzytaj dalej „Orange pie – super healthy and anti-cancer?!”

No more sore throat! This syrup is a must

I found this simple recipe at one of my favourite blogs – Agnieszka Maciąg website. What you need is: 100g horseradish 100g honey  1/2 cup   Slice the horseradish, put everything in a food processor and let the mixture rest for an hour.  Pour it onto gaza and squeeze to have all the liquid – thisCzytaj dalej „No more sore throat! This syrup is a must”

Cold, running nose or sinus infection? Try horseradish!

My latest discovery may sound a little unbeliavable but It is 100% true. It is simple and really cheap. To get rid of a cold, running nose or sinus infection you just need one think – fresh horseradish.  The instructions are simple – take a big horseradish root, peel it and grate it.  Well ForCzytaj dalej „Cold, running nose or sinus infection? Try horseradish!”