Superfast and delicious breakfast – just 2 ingredients needed!

How to make sponge-cake omelette? This recipe requires only 2 ingredients: 2 eggs 2 tablespoons flour Instructions Seperate whites from yolks. Mix yolks with flour and whisk the whites (add pinch of salt). Than mix it all together.  Put some oil on a frying pan, middle heat. Fry both sides.   Serve with your favouriteCzytaj dalej „Superfast and delicious breakfast – just 2 ingredients needed!”

Stuffed peppers with one secret ingredient

Really easy and quick recipe. Perfect for dinner with friends as you can feed 6 people with this dish. 😉 So get ready and prepare: 3 big red peppers 3 tablespoon olive oil 3/4 cup millet 1 leek 1/2 cup coconut milk 1/2 cup canned tomatoes 150g tofu 1 teaspoon chilli paste 1 big cloveCzytaj dalej „Stuffed peppers with one secret ingredient”