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The day that probably changed my life – totally :D

When I got back from my holidays – about two months ago – I was so unhappy. I really thought I hate my work and I have to do something about it. My contract was valid for 3 more months and I thought – oh well let it finish, I don’t want to exceed it, I don’t care I will do for living something which is more satisfying.But than started hesitations – what if I will not manage, maybe I should stay, do not rush anything, etc. etc. etc. 

So I stayed and became even more stressed, angry and unsatisfied.

But life had its own scenario for me.

Imagine that, I am sitting at my desk looking for some yoga teacher courses when I found one starting on the 1st of February… I felt like this is something I should do… but still had a lot of doubts about it.

and it happened..

I was called to my boss and she told me that unfortunately they can not prolong my contract.

and you know what?! I felt so relieved and happy!

I have cable TV which expires on February, my cell phone contract also. Everything was telling me that February is the time something new will happen for me, and it really did!

I strongly believe in this.

If it’s true, we will see in the nearest future 😀

Now I got back to my hometown and start new life, I believe better one 🙂

Sometimes you are not brave enough to make THAT DECISION but the universe helps you! 

Listen to the universe 🙂

The best book I read this year

and it’s “A little life” by Hanya Yanagihara an American novelist.

I took it with me for my vacation – I thought it’s long enough for 3 weeks.

I didn’t expect I will cry during reading it nad at the same time sun tanning at the beach. 😦

Many times I made that mistake and read the revie of a book which basically told me all the story. This time I decided not to read anything about the book so I knew just one thing – it’s a story about couple of friends living in New York.

The book was overwhelming, I don’t want to write any details, it’s not a spoiler!

You just need to find out for yourself if you will like it  – but prepare for something strong, unexpected.