Simple bread with sourdough starter – always perfectly baked

This bread is my favourite – Why? Well 2 reasons:  It’s simple – really simple 😉 Always perfect – I dare to say every next loaf is better then the previous one 👌🏻 Here is the recipe. First ingredients: 1 tsp salt 2 cups of water 1 cup sourdough starter 50g wheat flour 250g oat flourCzytaj dalej „Simple bread with sourdough starter – always perfectly baked”

Sourdough starter simpler than you think :)

I had to change my diet 😦 Well It’s not sad news – I will be eating healthier but new diet means pretty much I need to avoid almost all already prepared food and cook everything for myself. I cannot eat anything that contains sugar, yeast, vinegar or wheat flour.  So I decided I willCzytaj dalej „Sourdough starter simpler than you think :)”