Love big cities? Let’s meet one of the biggest cities in the world – Mumbai!

My first time in India. Trip planned. I was supposed to spend a month in Rishikesh and a month in Morjim, Goa. Yoga, yoga, yoga. No travelling, no sightseeing. But I ended up in Mumbai. Want to know how did that happen? 😉

So I decided to stay longer in Rishikesh and also in Goa – in the end I was in India 94 days in total. In my visa it was said I can stay only 90 days – but somehow I didn’t read that info. 😉

So at the airport I found out I will have to go to the Immigration Office in Mumbai. I thought I will go there and do it in an hour. I stayed 4 days. 😛 Best 4 days of my trip.

Public transport/ taxis

Trains are super cheap in Mumbai, I think it is 10 rupies one-way, taxis also – just remember to always go by the meter! I used Ola Taxi – really nice app, like Uber but more options and I think it’s a little cheaper.

1. Fort district

Just walk around the district and admire the beautiful architecture. JJ School of Fine Arts, Victoria station, The Gateway of India.


Victoria station and the building just opposite are beautifully lightened in the evening.

2. Prince of Wales Museum of Western India (now CHHATRAPATI SHIVAJI MAHARAJ VASTU SANGRAHALAYA)

The Museum is stunning – just look at the building! The entry is 500 rupies, if you want to take pictures with your phone you need to pay extra 50.

It is really complex – you can find wildlife section, tibetan, sculptures, japaneese art and many many more. I spent there 2 hours and it wasn’t enough. Worth visitting for sure.

3. Dhobi Ghat- open-air laundry 

As I couldn’t take any pictures inside please visit this website – lots of beautiful photos. Dhobi Ghat is an interesting place – you can go inside, have a chat with the workers who are super friendly and nice.

4. Kala Ghoda Cafe and Cafe Basilico

I would say these are Western style cafes – Western prices too. 😉 So if you want to drink good coffee, eat delicious belgian waffles – these are the places to do so.

5. Marine Drive

You will not swim there – I mean I wouldn’t. 😉 You can watch the sunset though and just have a walk on the beach.

6. Street food

I was too busy eating and I didn’t take any pictures, sorry. 😛 But I found this great video that introduces you to Mumbai’s street food.

I personally recommend: vada pav, bhelpuri, sev puri and pani puri.



Mumbai is so friendly, live, colorful and vibrant city. I loved it and if I have the chance I will visit it again. 🙂

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