Thailand – Sukhotai, Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai with the most beautiful temple I’ve ever seen

I visited Thailand over 2 years ago. I was there 3 weeks and it is for sure not enough to see all the beautiful places Thailand has to offer. This post is about three of them in central and northern part of the country.

Let’s start with the first place 😉

Sukhotai Historical Park

Well maybe Sukhotai the city is nice but to tell you the truth we spent there one night only just to go to the Historical Park near the city. It was November and there were No people at all (which you can see on the pictures)! I loved it.

We rented bikes and we were just driving around, taking pictures, having ice coffee.

How to get there? We took a domestic flight from Bangkok.

More details about fees and opening hours from TripAdvisor.

Chiang Mai

From Sukhotai we headed north to Chiang Mai – by bus. Was cheap and quite comfortable. The city itself is calm. What we did was going to the adventure park called Eagle Track zip lining. They have three options for you and they offer Pick up from your hotel. The guides are funny and the nature you see is beuatiful. I liked it.

Chiang Rai – The White Temple

From Chiang Mai we took a bus (6-hour drive) to Chiang Rai. Just to see The White Temple and go back. It was the most beautiful temple I have ever seen in my life – just amazing. I don’t know What to say more – just look at the pictures.

Book the ticket and go. 😉

More posts about Thailand are coming.


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