Goa, India – perfect holiday destination?

Goa – so many stories about Goa one can find on the internet. Hippies, trance and techno parties, drugs…. Is it all true? Been to one party, haven’t seen real hippies, don’t do drugs so… I don’t know.

I stayed in Morjim – small village actually, really quiet, not many parties, mostly families with children. Goa in general is dominated by Russian tourists – menus are in russian, when you walk into a restaurant the staff will greet you in Russian. I didn’t mind, it was actually funny.

Scooter is really safe and the easiest way to drive around, cheap also.

So here are places I visited – totally random order.

The Rice Mill

Nice place with AC and good coffee. When you’re get used to Indian prices, this place can seem a little overpriced for you. This is one of many western style places I guess. The Rice Mill is a place which aspires to be a little bit of fine dining. On Thursdays there is live jazz music. Just opposite the Rice Mill you can go and check out really cool temple.

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Kalacha Beach

It’s just by the Arambol Beach, hidden by the rocks. Much more quiet and smaller. I enjoyed it a lot. But if you want to listen to the music, go on a party and just watch crazy things happen – stay at the Arambol Beach.

Kalacha Beach

Redi Fort

Another fort – from Morjim it took me almost one hour to drive there – totally different world – rural part of Goa, kind of desserted I would say. Fort is situated just by the beautiful totally empty beach! Fort itself is really cool with all the trees growing from the walls.

Museum of Goa

When you enter an industrial district and all you can smell is chemicals you do not expect to find a museum here. But – yes, you will. Museum of Goa is open from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. everyday. Entry is 300 for foreigners.

Museum was founded by artist Subodh Kerkar. It is mostly contemporary art telling the history of Goa.

Reis Magos Fort

Inside lots of pictures telling the story of this place. Very nice view. Not many people. Just next to the fort – beautiful church.

Old Goa

Well there are literally two churches to see. Seriously. Nothing else and I mean nothing. So recommended only to church fans. 😉

Chapora Fort

Fort itself is not worth seeing, but the view is cool. And you can cross the wall and walk further.

Chinese Bowl

Chinese, Indian, European – variety of dishes in really good prices and when I say good I mean cheap. 😉 And with that price comes good quality also. Recommended.

Rainbow Bar

Rainbow is a really nice bar at the beach. Food tastes good – of course it is a little more expensive than at the restaurants in the city but affordable of course. India is cheap in general. My favourite there was Navratan korma – veggies in a creamy cashew sauce.


On the way to Old Goa – lots of street art and European architecture. Not much to do – just walk around I guess.


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