Gili Air – freedom island

Gili Air is a small island near Lombok – it is a part of Gili Islands archipelago consisting of two more Gilis – Gili Trawangan and Gili Meno.

I stayed at Gili Air a week and I totally fell in love with it. This island is so abstract if you’re thinking about your life in Poland. And now the details of my new love 😉

  • once a day the whole island is off power, so you’re at the restaurant and all of the sudden there is no electricity and nothing works so you sit, see nothing and just wait -because there is nothing you can do 😉

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Gili Air

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  • bars, restaurants, shops – everyone working there is so relaxed and light-hearted; if you go to a restaurant and a waiter comes to your table and sits with you, you will probably wonder if he works there – well I did even ask one of them. I thought maybe he’s the owner cause he is so relaxed 😉
  • parties – I would have never thought there are this trance and techno parties, seriously that’s was so unexpected

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Gili Air

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  • freedom – there is no police on the island so in every restaurant they ask if you want some mushrooms with your drink 😉
  • no cars – you can easily walk around the island, everywhere you go is close – of course not for locals, they always say something is far if it’s not in the range of their sight

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Siema 😀

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Tips for talking to locals

  • if someone asks „Where you come from?” just say „from my mama”
  • when leaving a restaurant say „see you when I see you” – you will make them laugh for sure
  • they ask if you;re doing something? just say „maybe yes, maybe no”

I almost forgot – you can see what kind of pets they have at the beach 😉

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Siemanko witaj w moim barze #gecko #giliair

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Great food (BBQ especially), nice and friendly stuff and delicious drinks? Visit Zipp Bar


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